Facial Recognition Vending...

‘Hi Sarah would you like your usual coffee this morning made just the way you like it?

The Luce x2 Touch TV vending machine from smart vend recognises the user and gives free vend permissions as well as making a drink to their own taste.

Smart Phone Payment...

Users can pay for their drink from the vending machine with their mobile phone

No more searching around for loose change or tokens - now pay directly from a smart phone.

Telemetry Management...

Complete remote management of onsite vending machines

Our new ‘servosecure’ system allows for the complete remote management of onsite vending machines, including set-up, diagnostics, stock levels and sales reports.

QR Management...

QR Codes for discounts and promotions

Using a smart phone QR codes can be used to obtain discounts from a vending machine and all information can be used for marketing purposes.

Media Management...

Advertise products and services to a captive audience

Onscreen advertising on vending machines can promote alternative beverages or something directly related to the client's company.

Energy Saving Features...

Saving money and reducing its carbon footprint

The latest machines incorporate many energy saving features including ultra efficient boilers and automatic power-down standby modes during quiet times.

NarrowStack Can & Bottle Vendor

The NarrowStack cold drinks vendor is a reliable and distinctive machine offering great value for price and quality.
  • Telemetry Management
  • Energy Saving

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Smart Vend MachineSmart Vend Solutions is a unique company that has been set up to specialise in the latest technological advances in vending technology. These include touch screen technology, cashless payment systems, smartphone integration and real time telemetry data. Recent bean to cup advances means that vending machines now produce speciality coffee beverages that rival that produced by any barista from a retail environment. Smart Vend Solutions – For the supply and maintenance of innovative automatic dispensing equipment.

Smart Vend Solutions is the ‘One Stop Shop’ for

  • New equipment sales
  • Service support for existing equipment
  • Parts and supply
  • Technical help line
  • Technical Field support