Telemetry Management

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Real-time data

Innovative Servosecure System
Our new ‘servosecure’ system allows for the complete management of vending machines, customers and locations with unprecedented detail.

The system allows remote set-up of vending equipment, complete service diagnostics and data audit. It can remotely report individual sales data, ingredient consumption and service events, manage machine stock levels and produce management reports.

A database containing the important parameters of all popular machines enables easy setting-up of the system to match a vending operators complete onsite vending machine portfolio.

The Control Centre screen gives a quick snapshot of the current status of all machines together with quick access to individual machine diagnostics, data audit, errors, EVA data, stock levels, reports and other important functions.

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Control Centre

Servosecure can reduce vending operators costs by:

  • Managing machines, customers and locations
  • Remotely setting up machines, diagnostics and data audit
  • Reporting sales data, ingredient consumption and service events
  • Managing ingredient stock levels
  • Managing all machine movements, swaps and loan equipment

Interfaces with most easy import of machine data, modem assignment and EVA data from other sources.

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TM-Quick functions

TM-Quick Functions
Once a modem has been assigned to a particular machine, quick functions are immediately available.

These include:

  • current ‘live’ state
  • restart function for self-healing errors
  • setting date and time
  • changing of the Servosecurecode
  • error events
  • machine counters
  • data audit
  • ability to tune machine actuators

The software is licensed in a basic package which includes a server module and 5 client modules. Each installation is registered online by a licensed server. Additional client-licences can be purchased at any time and immediately registered online for immediate use.

For full details of our unique Servosecure System please contact us for a free demonstration.