Media Management

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Media Management

Getting the Message Across
Many of the hot drinks beverage machines in our range incorporate large display screens that help guide the user through the drink selection and delivery process.

This is a very useful feature, especially for first time users of the equipment who may not be aware of the large selection menu and personalised drink options available.

However when the screen is not displaying such information it can be used for marketing purposes. This can catch the eye of passers-by and genuinely be used for advertising purposes – either cross selling other beverages or promoting some other product or service altogether.

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On screen advertising

Pictures, Graphics and Movies
Depending on the model of machine and type of screen, media options will vary from simple static images on a timed slideshow to full multimedia movies on a TV screen (Luca x2 Touch TV)

Some graphic and Photoshop skills may be needed to produce suitable graphics to be programmed into the machine display. Alternatively employ the services of a design agency or ask a supplier to produce finished media directly for use.

  • On screen display advertising
  • Static graphics
  • Full multimedia options
  • Cross sell other vending products
  • Promote unrelated products and services
  • Relay important staff messages
  • Company notice board

With the Luca x2 Touch TV, management of the multimedia content and drinks configuration is extremely simple. The machine can be connected to the local network (LAN) via ethernet cable or 3G modem. The graphic interface can be updated remotely.