Facial Recognition

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Innovative technology

A Revolution for Refreshment Vending
The new Luce x2 Touch TV beverage vending machine incorporates face recognition software.

This stunning advance in technology enables the machine to recognise the user and serve an individually tailored drink previously served to that person.

The software picks out critical facial dimensions, ratios and features unique to every individual. These features are then matched against previously selected beverages from the machine, including any bespoke options such as extra sugar and strong or weak choices.

It also has the ability to remember and administer ‘free vend’ rights at certain times of the day for selected individuals. The person’s name can also be stored for an even more personalised greeting.

First time users are asked if they wish to join the ‘Biometric Data Recognition Programme’. Once they agree the machine takes a picture of them and a suitable nickname is chosen for future use. Users who wish not to participate can still use the machine in the normal manner.

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Tailor made drinks

Facial recognition software.

  • Personailsed greetings
  • Remembers and serves previously selected hot beverages
  • Recognises and administers free vend rights to selected users
  • Safe and secure data
  • Double opt in for name and photo storage

The ultimate in innovative, high quality vending technology from Smart Vend Solutions.

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Luce x2 Touch TV

Touch Screen Technology
Face recognition software is only part of the story of the new Luca x 2. Sensitive touch screen technology makes selecting an original or alternative beverage a breeze with clear and concise on screen guidance with graphics.

Payment can be made in a variety of ways including via a smart phone. On screen messages can be used for advertising and cross promotional purposes. All real-time machine telemetry data can be accessed remotely for completely up to date audit and maintenance purposes.

Energy saving software will power down the machine during quiet periods and it will learn and adapt to changes in usage patterns.

  • Facial recognition
  • Telemetry management
  • QR management
  • Energy saving
  • Smart phone payment