Energy Saving

Our hot drinks machines feature highly efficient copper boilers and low wattage LEDs (rather than bulbs) to help minimise electricity use. Programmable switching on-off times ensure that the machine powers down to an optimum energy saving stand-by mode. By utilising this mode during the evening, night-time and other periods of low machine activity, considerable energy savings can be made.

The Sanden Vendo range of cold drinks and snack machines machines (G-Drink and G-Snack models) achieve EVA EWP Energy Class A+ rating. With low energy LED illumination as standard and energy efficient cooling units all our machines are supplied with CFC free refrigerant – R134a & R404A – CFC Free.

All cabinets are insulated with ecological polyurethane material. In addition, machines incorporate energy saving software with light control mode with real time clock.

The ECO VENDO PROJECT is the NEW initiative to communicate ECO achievements of producing the energy efficient products to the consumers through vending machines.

logo_ecoIt is an eternal commitment to provide high quality and ECO compatible products to clients and to the end users.

New Carbon Dioxide Cooling

Go GREEN with SandenVendo new environmentally-friendly CO2 Cooling Unit. An alternative cooling unit that uses CO2 that has less impact on the environment. Eco gas Carbon dioxide (R744) refrigerant is more efficient than the industry standard R-134a refrigerant.

  • Non-toxic
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-toxic