Luce x2 Touch TV Hot Drinks Vending Machine

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Smart Features


telemetry tab imgOur new ‘servosecure’ system allows for the complete management of vending machines, customers and locations with unprecedented detail.

The Control Centre screen gives a quick snapshot of the current status of all machines together with quick access to individual machine diagnostics, data audit, errors, EVA data, stock levels, reports and other important functions. The system allows remote set-up of vending equipment, complete service diagnostics and data audit.


telemetry tab imgBy generating and using QR codes vending operators can offer incentives, discounts and promotional offers to users of smart phones, when they use them for payment at a suitable vending machine.

Scanning the QR code typically directs the user to a web page to give the user additional information about the product or service. By using appropriate QR codes on stickers and promotional materials in and around vending machines, a user with a smart phone can gain access to discounts on vending products and free drinks if they use their phone for payment.


telemetry tab imgThis advance in technology enables the machine to recognise the user and serve an individually tailored drink previously served to that person.

The software picks out critical facial dimensions, ratios and features unique to every individual. These features are then matched against previously selected beverages from the machine, including any bespoke options such as extra sugar and strong or weak choices.


telemetry tab imgOur range of vending machines have incorporated many energy saving features. Hot drinks machines have highly efficient copper boilers and low wattage LEDs (rather than bulbs) to help minimise electricity use. Programmable switching on-off times ensure that the machine powers down to an optimum energy saving stand-by mode.

Cold drinks machines are insulated with ecological polyurethane and enjoy energy saving software. Many models achieve EVA EWP Energy Class A+ rating.


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Coming soon to Smart Vend Solutions – payment for drinks, snacks, cold drinks and confectionery from a vending machine via a smart mobile phone. After downloading an app and registering for payment users can use their phone to buy goods from a suitable vending machine.

No longer will users of a vending machine need to find change, borrow cash from a colleague or purchase tokens – just zap with a mobile phone and enjoy a tasty beverage or snack.


telemetry tab imgMany of the hot drinks beverage machines in our range incorporate large display screens that help guide the user through the drink selection and delivery process.

However when the screen is not displaying such information is can be used for marketing purposes. This can catch the eye of passers by and genuinely used for advertising purposes – either crossing selling other beverages or promoting some other product or service altogether.