Luce x Snac Touch TV

Smart Features


telemetry tab imgOur range of vending machines have incorporated many energy saving features. Hot drinks machines have highly efficient copper boilers and low wattage LEDs (rather than bulbs) to help minimise electricity use. Programmable switching on-off times ensure that the machine powers down to an optimum energy saving stand-by mode.

Cold drinks machines are insulated with ecological polyurethane and enjoy energy saving software. Many models achieve EVA EWP Energy Class A+ rating.


telemetry tab imgMany of the hot drinks beverage machines in our range incorporate large display screens that help guide the user through the drink selection and delivery process.

However when the screen is not displaying such information is can be used for marketing purposes. This can catch the eye of passers by and genuinely used for advertising purposes – either crossing selling other beverages or promoting some other product or service altogether.